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Inclusive Education Policy


The aim of Ilmesters is to promote a learning environment which is accessible to all. We, at Ilmesters thrive in focusing for a holistic approach where a learner is encouraged to grow academically, socially and emotionally.

The purpose of Ilmesters Inclusive Education Policy is to provide inclusive education for students who have challenges which are difficult to be met within the defined curriculum.

It is our responsibility to identify, monitor and record the progress of children to provide the required learning support. At Ilmesters Academy, students are given opportunities to fulfill their academic and social needs.


Due to limited resources and lack of any separate SEN unit, Ilmesters Academy is unable to cater to students with learning disorder or disabilities who have complex special educational needs.

Therefore, only students with learning difficulties and non-severe to moderate special needs like minor dyslexia, ADHD are given admissions, as they can be supported through differentiation in teaching and assessment strategies by the teachers.

If a student during the course of study is identified by a teacher that requires to be evaluated, parents will be contacted, and concerns will be shared. Parents will then be required to get the assessment done for proper course of action. All official documents of assessment are required to be shared with the school before any further decision is taken.

Any remedial or special arrangements if required will have to be provided by the parents as school fee doesn’t include this cost.

Culture 2.1: The school implements, communicates, and regularly reviews an inclusion policy that meets IB guidelines (0301-02-0100). (Programme Standards and Practices Jan 2018)


Students with physical disabilities are given admission depending if it is possible for the school to make arrangements for the particular disability of the student.


  1. Before Admission

Disclosing any SEN condition at the time of admission

As per Ilmesters Admission Policy, parents are required to disclose any special need  conditions if they know of in the admission form. Supported documents from accredited institution must also be provided with the form.

  1. After admission

If in case parents are unaware of any SEN condition of a child before the admission and if after admission an admin or a staff member raise a concern about a child’s progress then following procedure is followed for identification.

  1. Childs progress and/or change in behaviour is discussed with all concern teachers in a meeting.
  2. Teacher/s, coordinator observes the student in various settings including activities and assessment tasks. Teachers apply different strategies to understand the need of student. Teachers record differentiation in unit plans and/or anecdotes.
  3. Teachers report their observations along with the work samples and or other evidence to the leadership team.
  4. Principal and/or Coordinator meets the parents to verify any such observations made by parents and suggest independent testing. School does not have any

consultant/counsellor on board and therefore parents are required to get the child

assessed on their own. All the cost is to be born by the parents. 

  1. Assessment report from an accredit institute is to be then submitted to the program coordinator. The program coordinator discuss the report with the Head of School and teachers to inform them of the report and to take decision for future support.
  2. Meeting between teachers and the remedial teacher (to be provided by the parents either at school or at home) is scheduled to devise an appropriate plan for student’s teaching and learning.

Culture 2.2: The school identifies in its inclusion policy all of its legal requirements and outlines the school’s structure and processes for compliance (0301-02-0200). (Programme Standards and Practices 2018)


All teachers address the educational needs of students with learning difficulties at three different levels.

– During the class, applying differential teaching strategies

– Designing differential tasks

– Using modified assessment rubrics.

However, designing of differential tasks and use of modified assessment rubrics is only carried out if the child has been assessed by an authentic institute as required and remedial teacher as needed is provided by the parents.

Extent of Learning Support:

For the students with learning disorder or disabilities who have complex special educational needs, the school is able to provide only limited support. In such cases, a teaching aid is provided by the parents during lesson time in order to ensure the modification of the curriculum.


Working with Parents:

Parents have intimate understanding of their child and can contribute a greatly in devising an appropriate strategy for their child. Parents are welcomed to discuss any concerns they have about their child’s progress in school with an open door policy.

As per Ilmesters Assessment Policy, parents are encouraged to meet staff members with a prior appointment to discuss concerns and progress of their child. The meeting is arranged in a confidential setting to maintain the privacy of each child.


As per Ilmesters Academy Language Policy, students whose first language is different from the language of instruction are provided support to help them achieve their learning goals. This is done by differentiated teaching strategies like providing them bilingual instructions, pairing them  in the class with students with strong language skills, using one to one simplified explanation and  decreasing word count in the beginning as required.

Language teachers conduct remedial classes for such students to develop their language skills as per their need.


Ilmesters Academy Inclusive Education Policy is a working document. The policy is reviewed and revised annually by the HoS, Principal, PYP, MYP and DP coordinators and teachers. Changes are implemented if and when needed.


The Ilmesters Academy Inclusive Education Policy is made available in school library, with school secretory and on school’s website with the other school policy documents for parents to  view.



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