Ilmesters An IB World School


Explore the Parents experience

“Six years ago it was a tough decision to entrust any educational institute for our nestling but then we chose Ilmesters Academy and it came out to be one of our best decisions in life. Now, my child is in PYP 4 and I have observed him as a very imaginative, disciplined and curious child who can confidently deal with his tasks and projects. Best thing about Ilmesters Academy is it’s student friendly environment and level of engagement for kids and parents where students, teachers, parents and administration all work together for their personal development and brighter future ”
Dr. Nadia Yasir
“I have been part of Ilmesters since 2016. It has been a great experience. It was a very challenging decision for us to choose a good school for our kids. And I must say It was the best I could choose for my kids. My elder one is in PYP 4 . What I have noticed in him is he is very confident, an inquirer and has a wonderful imagination. Now my kids see the world from a different perspective. Individual attention to each kid makes them more confident. Conceptual system of education like in Ilmesters makes them more knowledgeable. Thanks to teachers and administration for putting in so much effort in shaping our kids future ”
Sumaira Atif
My son was shy and timid when admitted in the school. Over the years his personality has taken a positive turn and now he is a very confident and responsible boy. The teachers give a fair chance to all the peers in all the activities and events which are held in the school which helps boost up the confidence in them and brings out the best of their abilities
Sara Ahmer