Ilmesters An IB World School

Why Ilmesters?

Ilmesters Academy

One of the top priorities of Ilmesters is to create a positive atmosphere for both students and teachers. Ilmesters believes in holistic development where the culture focuses on emotional and mental well-being along with cognitive growth. The school curriculum follows an inquiry-based approach where students learn through experiential learning and hands-on activities to establish their knowledge. The use of modern teaching methodology, where authentic assessments and problem-solving are considered an integral part of teaching and learning, enables students to build on their knowledge by physically experiencing and actively participating in their learning cycles


Motivated to work for a tolerant and peaceful world, our mission is to create a learning
environment that promotes intercultural understanding and helps young learners grow
academically and personally as socially responsible citizens of the world.
Our challenge is to merge knowledge from a rich and diverse tradition of openness and
flexibility of an international curriculum and deliver it through an enthusiastic faculty that
works collaboratively with students and parents.


Ilmesters follows a student-centered teaching approach with the objectives to inquire and explore making sure all our learning methods support student inquiry, exploration, and discovery. Our aim is to produce minds that can handle the upcoming challenges, problems, and issues of the world with peace, appropriate skills, and positive attitudes. In order to achieve this aim, Ilmesters is working as an IB World School and pursuing programmes offered by International Baccalaureate.