Ilmesters An IB World School

Get to know about our teachers

The teaching staff at Ilmesters go through a rigorous process at the time of hiring and during their tenure at the School. To deliver the promise of quality education and as per the IB requirements, the teachers need to be experienced and professionally developed through IB authorized training. When a teacher joins the school, (s)he undergoes a process of induction training provided by the Programme Coordinator. Within the first year of teaching at Ilmesters, the teachers are registered to attend an IB-authorized workshop to upgrade their skills and become IB-trained faculty. The teachers through online, face-to-face, and in-school workshops keep improving and upgrading their knowledge to create a learning culture for students.

Mr. Khalid Saleem

Head Of School

Ms. Neesha Feroz


Ms. Fouzia


Ms. Hira

Head Of Management

Ms. Masoom

PYP Coordinator

Ms. Fizza

MYP Coordinator

Ms. Sadia

DP Coordinator

Fizza Taimur
MYP Coordinator

We, at Ilmesters, nurture students to become life-long learners and develop an understanding of global challenges and act as responsible citizens of the world. Our students thrive in positive school cultures where they are engaged and motivated to excel. Their confidence is built through experiential learning and connecting the classroom to the larger world.

Ms. Masoom Hussain
PYP coordinator

In PYP we have been able to foster an environment where children are cared for and given an opportunity to experience an organized and well balanced curriculum, thereby, exploring real world problems by going beyond subject boundaries. Ilmester’s inquiry-based PYP programme ensures learning is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for all our learners by developing conceptual knowledge and understanding. PYP students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics.

Sadia Jamal Siddiqui
Diploma Coordinators

Ilmesters, being a continuum school, we offer a smooth transition from IBMYP to IBDP program for students. Our vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum not only offers students to explore their abilities and interests dynamically but also helps to adapt them as per contemporary requirements that prepare our students to innovate and celebrate ideas at large.

Our IBDP provides a great deal of flexibility, accommodating student interests and abilities. Through careful subject selection, students may tailor their course of studies to meet their needs.